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The greenery in an around Baden-Württemberg  ,Germany. 
I was so lucky to be in stunning south Germany in July…with everything in full bloom. I lived on a beautiful farm full of horses with an amazing friend and his incredible family. I walked forest, picked mushrooms, saw strange orange sticky caterpillars and ate delicious German bread all day long. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful summer 2012 in Europe. 

Captivating Munster, Germany is a must see city if you are in the North of Germany. With its beautiful old city center, unique churches, lush botanical gardens,waterways and friendly student population I really enjoyed kicking back here for a few days and biking around this great place. 

Modern Rotterdam with a message, Holland

Beautiful Formentera, Spain

In and around the little places in beautiful Formentera, Spain

My life living in the pines of Formentera,Spain

Around the churches of beautiful Granada, Spain

High Up in Granada, Spain

Alhambra, Granada, Spain Series 1

Big Big shout out to Granada’s graffiti artist Pinturas for his amazing work all around the city.

Granada, Spain

Beautiful Albayzin Quarter, Granada Spain Series 1

I absolutely loved the old quarter of Albayzin in Granada. With its narrow winding roads, beautiful white homes, old churches and so much detail around every house.
I fell in love with the blue and white pottery plates hanging outside each house and the beautiful flower pots. Even the coco cola signs were so pretty!
I walked and walked around Albayzin for days and kept coming across new little lanes , shops, restaurants.There are beautiful views of the Alhambra and mountains around from the San Nicols church in Albayzin.

Granada, Spain Street Art Series 2

Granada , Spain Street Art, Series 1

After falling in love with street art in Barcelona, I searched for graffiti in all the places I went to in Spain. Granada is less mixed media stuff like in Barcelona and more large scale portrait graffiti, if that’s what its called. ( Im not sure of the street art lingo here)
I saw the beautiful work of the famous artist from Granada Pinturas or “Sex” as he popularly goes by in Realejo, the city’s old jewish quarter.
The scale and detail in each piece is absolutely stunning.

Seville Street Art, Spain Series 3

Seville, Spain Series 2