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"The door"
I would pass this house everyday when cycling to work. And everyday I marveled at what the sunlight did to the colors. One day I spent 30 mins just staring at this ancient wooden door and the owner by chance opened the door and invited me into one of the most dilapidated but charming house I had seen. It was like stepping back in time and this door was the magical entrance to this other place in time.

Auroville, Tamil Nadu 2014

Dance of Shadows
Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu 2014

Did Banksy come to Pondicherry?

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu 2014

Owl Connection.

Little Dark Spaces with Light

Full Moon Love.


The Cheese Connection
 I spent two and half months in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu learning the intricacies of making cheese.  Cheese is not only about loads of milk, it is a science and an art at the same time. There are so many details about the temperature, the enzyme, the culture, the yoghurt that needs to be added.
I was so lucky to have volunteered at a tiny farm run by a local who was so open to sharing the recipes and the process of how it is all done.

My day normally started out with cleaning out the cold room then went on to helping with preparing the cheese for the day and ending with packing and labeling orders for the day. I loved that the work was very detailed in terms if things are even a bit out of proportion then the cheese can go very wrong.  I dabbled in making cheddar, parmesan, ricotta, mozarella and some other recipes exclusive to the farm.

I am so grateful for this experience which helped me appreciate the process and love that goes into the food that we gobble up. I never thought that cheese making was such a beautiful art of exact proportions and measurements.

Thank you Iyenar and Valli Aka.

Ruin is  the road to transformation.

Orange Moon
October 19, 2013
United Arab Emirates

Upside Down
Al Fujairah- United Arab Emirates

Children and Chicken
Al Fujairah- United Arab Emirates

InSANAty in Motion 2013 Handmade Tote Collection
Now in Black as well.

Here are some of the bags that I have made for this year- Make excellent presents as well.

If anyone is interested in buying please contact me at sanachanna at Please share with friends and family. Thank you for your support!

The greenery in an around Baden-Württemberg  ,Germany. 
I was so lucky to be in stunning south Germany in July…with everything in full bloom. I lived on a beautiful farm full of horses with an amazing friend and his incredible family. I walked forest, picked mushrooms, saw strange orange sticky caterpillars and ate delicious German bread all day long. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful summer 2012 in Europe. 

Captivating Munster, Germany is a must see city if you are in the North of Germany. With its beautiful old city center, unique churches, lush botanical gardens,waterways and friendly student population I really enjoyed kicking back here for a few days and biking around this great place.