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Ruin is  the road to transformation.

Orange Moon
October 19, 2013
United Arab Emirates

Upside Down
Al Fujairah- United Arab Emirates

Children and Chicken
Al Fujairah- United Arab Emirates

InSANAty in Motion 2013 Handmade Tote Collection
Now in Black as well.

Here are some of the bags that I have made for this year- Make excellent presents as well.

If anyone is interested in buying please contact me at sanachanna at Please share with friends and family. Thank you for your support!

The greenery in an around Baden-Württemberg  ,Germany. 
I was so lucky to be in stunning south Germany in July…with everything in full bloom. I lived on a beautiful farm full of horses with an amazing friend and his incredible family. I walked forest, picked mushrooms, saw strange orange sticky caterpillars and ate delicious German bread all day long. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful summer 2012 in Europe. 

Captivating Munster, Germany is a must see city if you are in the North of Germany. With its beautiful old city center, unique churches, lush botanical gardens,waterways and friendly student population I really enjoyed kicking back here for a few days and biking around this great place. 

Modern Rotterdam with a message, Holland

In and around the little places in beautiful Formentera, Spain

My life living in the pines of Formentera,Spain


These little pretty geckos with their incredible colors were all over the island and not shy at all!

I am now putting together a collection of photos from my time in fascinating Formentera, Spain where I spent ten days living in the wild literally. I didn’t have a room to stay in ,on this uber expensive island so slept in the pines, in a van and all over the place. The budget traveler aka me knows how to enjoy a beautiful island with an incredible lunar landscape even when its just full of super rich folk.

Roses are red , Violets are blue,
Dear Granada, I love you!

At the Alhambra in Granada, Spain

High Up in Granada, Spain

Alhambra, Granada, Spain Series 1

Big Big shout out to Granada’s graffiti artist Pinturas for his amazing work all around the city.

Granada, Spain