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Saigon Mania

Hot and sticky are the two words that come to mind instantly when I entered Saigon.

Arrived here at 5 am and the city was already buzzing!! Reminds me a bit of Bombay but with a thousand more scooters and cyclos and cars everywhere!!
Real Madness!!

Need to get out…..soon..

After spending 2 beautiful days in Dalat at the Truc Lam Monastery this is just too intense yet I am excited to experience the bustling city!


halong bay sunset

extremely touristy but beautiful landscape or sea scape???


the delhi watchman’s whistle and stick hitting the ground in the night…interesting!

what purpose it serves i am not too sure!

the flowers that came whirling down like helicopters….squirrels or little gangsters as I called them were throwing them down

Kerela India

my beloved bag and me!

Wedding meal, South Indian style!! Yummmy!

Dear Delhi…

You’re beautiful:)))
I’m in the capital and it really feels like one. The roads are wider and better, it’s green and it’s great weather. I’m glad to be up north.


never fails to surprise.

every day is a lesson to be learnt…everything is an experience.

its very overwhelming at times. I feel alive and then I cant breathe……

the list of its madness goes on….


"fear is my only courage" bob marley

Smells like….

Cow dung!!! Smells like my India!!! I love it…

"Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled "- Prophet Mohammed

Seasons Greetings!!

Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!


Travel Bug

I have the travel bug..the one which, once you start moving, you cant stop…u just itch to go somewhere and explore something new!! I leave in 2 weeks for India…… thought it would be a good way to start the self exploration 6 month backpacking trip by going back to the roots! I cant wait!!!

I’ve been asked several times what I love most about traveling? Its definitely got to be, walking the narrow back lanes of a city and coming across the most unique cafe with the most unusual food…the unknown excites me!! :)
Fewer the plans and maps and just wandering around makes me love everything there is to traveling.

San Francisco, June 2008

less is more

I’ve been asked several times what camera do I use and it really makes me laugh as I use a 2001 Sony digi cam with very basic features. All the pics on this blog have been taken with it. I absolutely love it though at times the limited features are frustrating. But it just goes to show you dont need an extremely fancy high end camera to take decent pictures. If you have the interest and a good eye the simplest ones can do :). The lens on my sony is awesome too- carl zeiss thank you!

Though ofcourse now I am looking at moving on to something a bit more complicated :) to see if I┬ácan take my love for photography one step further…
Its a confusing world of pixels, zooms blah blah out there I must say!