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A day in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia I heart you

Cambodian Memories :)

Vietnam horns

All the horns on the public transportation in Vietnam sound the same…its this poo pooo which decreases in tone…..its all over the place… funny!


Hanoi at 5am

I am in the lobby of my beloved Central Backpackers Hostel. It is five in the morning and I am listening to the bells of St. Josephs cathedral go off and the chickens being killed and cleaned! A very interesting combination.

Just got into Hanoi from freezing Sapa after a very strange bus journey where I had to take off my shoes before going into the bus and then they had mickey mouse blankets to use.
Left my sleeping bag in the bus….so far the first item to misplace on the journey..and its just been a week since I got on the road :)

Off to see the sunrise!!



cyclos, pho pho, conical hats,bikes,pagodas, hoan kiem lake, street vendors, sunflower seeds, green tea….more to come…


Hanoi, Vietnam

Day 3
Not being able to speak the language ….ughhh i never imagined it would be so frustrating while traveling especially when the local people look at you blankly.



the delhi watchman’s whistle and stick hitting the ground in the night…interesting!

what purpose it serves i am not too sure!

the flowers that came whirling down like helicopters….squirrels or little gangsters as I called them were throwing them down

Kerela India

my beloved bag and me!

Wedding meal, South Indian style!! Yummmy!

Dear Delhi…

You’re beautiful:)))
I’m in the capital and it really feels like one. The roads are wider and better, it’s green and it’s great weather. I’m glad to be up north.


never fails to surprise.

every day is a lesson to be learnt…everything is an experience.

its very overwhelming at times. I feel alive and then I cant breathe……

the list of its madness goes on….


"fear is my only courage" bob marley

Smells like….

Cow dung!!! Smells like my India!!! I love it…