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Beautiful Formentera, Spain

In and around the little places in beautiful Formentera, Spain

My life living in the pines of Formentera,Spain


These little pretty geckos with their incredible colors were all over the island and not shy at all!

I am now putting together a collection of photos from my time in fascinating Formentera, Spain where I spent ten days living in the wild literally. I didn’t have a room to stay in ,on this uber expensive island so slept in the pines, in a van and all over the place. The budget traveler aka me knows how to enjoy a beautiful island with an incredible lunar landscape even when its just full of super rich folk.

Around the churches of beautiful Granada, Spain

Roses are red , Violets are blue,
Dear Granada, I love you!

At the Alhambra in Granada, Spain

High Up in Granada, Spain

Alhambra, Granada, Spain Series 1

Big Big shout out to Granada’s graffiti artist Pinturas for his amazing work all around the city.

Granada, Spain

Creative Granada, Spain
Love the way this old TV has been made into a planter!!

Beautiful Albayzin Quarter, Granada Spain Series 1

I absolutely loved the old quarter of Albayzin in Granada. With its narrow winding roads, beautiful white homes, old churches and so much detail around every house.
I fell in love with the blue and white pottery plates hanging outside each house and the beautiful flower pots. Even the coco cola signs were so pretty!
I walked and walked around Albayzin for days and kept coming across new little lanes , shops, restaurants.There are beautiful views of the Alhambra and mountains around from the San Nicols church in Albayzin.

Granada, Spain Street Art Series 2

Granada , Spain Street Art, Series 1

After falling in love with street art in Barcelona, I searched for graffiti in all the places I went to in Spain. Granada is less mixed media stuff like in Barcelona and more large scale portrait graffiti, if that’s what its called. ( Im not sure of the street art lingo here)
I saw the beautiful work of the famous artist from Granada Pinturas or “Sex” as he popularly goes by in Realejo, the city’s old jewish quarter.
The scale and detail in each piece is absolutely stunning.

Going through millions of my photos from my time in Granada, Spain and trying to choose the best for you guys…its so hard because it is such a beautiful place…..hopefully in the next few days will have a series of them for you!


Rota and around  the coast of Andalusia, Spain