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Granada, Spain Street Art Series 2

Granada , Spain Street Art, Series 1

After falling in love with street art in Barcelona, I searched for graffiti in all the places I went to in Spain. Granada is less mixed media stuff like in Barcelona and more large scale portrait graffiti, if that’s what its called. ( Im not sure of the street art lingo here)
I saw the beautiful work of the famous artist from Granada Pinturas or “Sex” as he popularly goes by in Realejo, the city’s old jewish quarter.
The scale and detail in each piece is absolutely stunning.

Seville Street Art, Spain Series 3

Barcelona Street Art continues….Series 8, Spain

Barcelona Street Art Series 8, Spain

Barcelona Street Art Series 7, Spain

Barcelona Street Art Series 6, Spain

And the addiction to street art in Barcelona continues….. the attention to detail is immaculate. I really like the use of collage in many of the pieces. The color choice is vivid and perfect. Some of the art even looks three dimensional.

This is my second trip to Barcelona. Last year I had taken some photos of grafitti around the city but didn´t pay as much attention to it.

This year I was wondering what to photograph since I knew I didn´t want to take any  of the popular tourist attractions in terms of churches, Gaudi architecture etc. I was walking around Barrio Gothico and came across a beautiful drawing of the women with the sun over her head and fish in her chest(single photo in earlier post). I sat in front of this door for a good 15minutes just totally amazed by what I was looking at and then for the next two hours just walked around checking out the art around the little alleys. The love grew and my photos are a testimony to this addiction.

Barcelona Street Art Series 5, Spain

My favorite addiction, Street Art, Barcelona, Spain!

Barcelona Street Art Series 4, Spain

*more addiction*

Up , close and personal!
Barcelona Street Art Series 3, Spain

* I am beginning to get addicted*

Barcelona Street Art Series 2

Street Art Series 1, Barcelona, Spain

I find myself walking for hours in the tiny alleys of Barrio Gothico totally amazed by the absolutely incredible street art mainly on the huge front doors of buildings.
The attention to detail and the wild imagination of the artists is fantastic.